Our Story

Acú Bistro Bar is a chef-driven restaurant that is home to a menu inspired by the lush and diverse regional cuisines of the Mediterranean.

Our rustic menu revolves around a beautiful wood fired oven, which effortlessly evokes a sense of old world cooking intermingled with a touch of modern flair and elegance.  Our passion led us to design a restaurant that will bring a traditional, yet invigorating dining experience to our customers.

Our mother, Acú, who was happiest when entertaining and cooking elaborate meals for family and friends, is our inspiration.  There was always a full table with family, prepared meals, flowing drinks and plenty of dancing.  Her door was always open to family and friends, and those who walked in rarely left before the sun came up.  Always the perfect hostess, she did not know about planning small gatherings; every day was a celebration of life.


Acú's Palestinian heritage combined with our passion for Spanish, and Italian cuisine, with all of their rich and unique ingredients, helped us create our menu. 


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